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Lisa is an impulsive woman with much darkness inside. Benjamin is a more rational and pragmatic person. Together they're on their way away.

Their lack of communication has dire consequences and suddenly they're on the run. On a emotional road as well as paved with asphalt.

Bild ur filmen Bild ur filmen Bild ur filmen

Trailer | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: N/A | 2 minutes | 2002

Film | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: N/A | 24 minutes | 2002

A TOLV:24FILM production. A Henrik Pilerud film.

Sandra Vilppala/Anders Eriksson/Anders Engström/Bo Fjellström/
Mona Ramzell /Fredrik Ignell/Johan Hedin/Anders Jansson/David Pilerud.

Cinematography/steadicam: Stefan Thulin. Cinematography Anders Lönroth.
Lighting: Jerker Berglin/Anders Jansson.
Hair/make up: Jessica Häggkvist/Jessica Bengtsson.
Sound recording: Kent Eriksson/Ola Nykvist/Daniel Karlsson.
Editing: Henrik Pilerud/Björn Markusson. Action coordinator: David Pilerud.
Costume design: Jessica Keisu/Henrik Pilerud. Assistant director: Jens Wretling.
Music: Hynek. Screenplay/producer/director: Henrik Pilerud.