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Molly in the world

Everything is totally irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. Even big things lose their importance when compared to the endless universe.

Still, despite everything's frightening endlessness, even the smallest thing can have enormous consequences in the long run.

Molly is frustrated and lonely. She battles with sorrow, depression, imaginations and possibilities in a charming and extraordinary way. Molly meets speaking animals, mysterious jesters and sparkling characters who both intimidate and fascinate her. Molly's life is totally irrelevant but the choices she makes are so unusual that they may have endless consequences.

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Trailer | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: English | 1 minute | 2005

Film | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: English | 64 minutes | 2005

Trailer | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: N/A | 1 minute | 2005

Film | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: N/A | 64 minutes | 2005

A TOLV:24FILM production. A Henrik Pilerud film.

Yohanna Idha/Sandra Vilppala/Maud Sjögren/Jeremy Hardy/Anders Engström/
Sofie Norman/Emelie Lindberg/Leif Mikkelsen/Roine Andersson/Anna Backteman/
Thomas Hedström/Tina Persson/Erik Klinga/Emma Rydell/Henriette Sjögren (Tjäder)/
Sandra Ekman/Emma Hedström/Maria Lindberg and Sven Wollter as the storyteller.

Screenplay: Michelle Nilsson/Henrik Pilerud. Screenpaly collaborator: Josefina Mandaric.
Cinematography: Michael Abosch/Henrik Pilerud. Lighting: Jerker Berglin/Henrik Pilerud.
Music: Cosmica/The Guinea Pigs/Bit Bandit/The Backporch Band/Open Road.
Sound recording: Kent Eriksson/Ola Nykvist/Michael Abosch/Magnus Ottoson.
Sound editing: Ola Nykvist/Christoffer Glans.
3D modelling/animation: Mikael Burman/Magnus Hagerman/Dan Dulberger/Vidar Rapp.
3D modelling: Robert Kohlén. Editing: Henrik Pilerud. Costume design: Emma Rydell.
Hair/make up: Emma Hedström. Make up assistant: Louise Stangl.
Producer/director: Henrik Pilerud.