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Godkänd för F-skatt
I have always followed my heart in all of my visual creations. As you can see here my photographs, at least most of the fashion type photographs follow a certain style. In my photography I have found that much, tends to be more.

My graphic designs are pretty much guided by the words: simple, striking, clean. Here, less often seems to be more to my liking. A lot of my designs are covers for films/shows and music. But I also make other kinds of layout designs.

The films available here are my largest productions and show my advances in filmmaking. My films tend to be the kind of movies that let the audience do a bit of thinking for themselves in the same time as they are rather visual. Often with a slightly different kind of costume, locations and such than most films. As with my photography my filmmaking is also very much guided by emotions and thoughts. Often inspired by the way people are and act, as well as images in my mind; visual representations of emotions.
I always look for new interesting people to collaborate with. In both filmmaking and photography I need people behind the camera, as well as in front of it. If you are a costume designer, make up artist, hairdresser, prop maker, actor, model or creative in other areas in filmmaking or photography and you want to be a part of the creations you are very welcome to contact me.