Dreamers Avenue: Call of the Unseen Laura Rickenbacker: One Kiss
Laura Rickenbacker: Lamborghini Mind Kaos: Nåt e på g
Elegant Machinery: Move Mind Kaos: So fresh, so clean, så på
Elegant Machinery: Feel the silence Covenant: Happy man
Fröken Underbar: Jag ville ha dig Pride+Joy: Blinded by your eyes
Robyn: Konichiwa Bitches
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Music videos : Laura Rickenbacker: Lamborghini

Laura Rickenbacker: Lamborghini

A playful video to match the song. Colorful and charming.

Bild ur filmen Bild ur filmen Bild ur filmen

Lamborghini | Language: English | Subtitles: N/A | 3 minutes | 2016

music written and performed by: Laura Rickenbacker
music programmed and produced by: Sean McGhee

video director/photographer: Henrik Pilerud
video costume/hair/make up: Emma Hedström
video produced 2016