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Short films : Fragment


A man returns home after being gone for a long time. He notices that things aren't as they once were. Something has changed. Is it him or the world around him?

Fragment is a story about feelings. Nothing can grip a human more than a feeling; of hate, grief or love.

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Film | Language: Silent | Subtitles: N/A | 26 minutes | 1999

A TOLV:24FILM production. A Henrik Pilerud film.

Daniel Nyrén/Sandra Vilppala/Marit Deubler/Jens Wretling/Daniel Karlsson.

Music: Jonas Thorell. Cinematography: Stefan Thulin/Anders Lönroth.
Costume design: Henrik Pilerud/Jessica Keisu. Hair/make up Jessica Keisu.
Sign language: Stina Sandberg. Assistant: Niki Bergman.
Screenplay/procucer/director: Henrik Pilerud.