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Short films : Out of mached potatoes - 1: Crille & Ida

Out of mached potatoes - 1: Crille & Ida

A long time ago...during the sixties. Meet Crille, a young man who is full of opinions, contantly misunderstood by his friends, he has fallen in love with the very special young lady Ida.

Crille wants, with Bengt by his side, try to get closer to Ida. Katty, Lotta och their designated driver Janne have other plans for the night.

We meet them all, together, in the first part of "Moset är slut", it will provide you with cars, girls, music, a few chocolate shakes and a handful of hot dogs!

Bild ur filmen Bild ur filmen Bild ur filmen

Trailer | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: N/A | 2 minutes | 2000

Film | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: N/A | 18 minutes | 2000

A TOLV:24FILM production. A Henrik Pilerud film.

Arvid Lundh/Jeremy Hardy/Linda (Vinda) Timm/Nicklas Dahlström/
Pia Påltoft/Per Pettersson/Sandra Vilppala.

Cinematography: Jens Wretling. Music: Jonas Thorell/The Venue.
Costume design/make up/hair: Jessica Keisu/Linda Höglund.
Sound: Ola Nykvist/Anders Lönroth. Lighting: Jerker Berglin.
Editing: Stefan Thulin. Screenplay/procucer/director: Henrik Pilerud.